It is just as natural and easy for a Christian to live the Christian life

as it is for a sinner to live a sinful life. The sinner needs make no

effort to live a sinful life; he lives it naturally and easily. Life

proceeds from the heart. The heart is the fountain, and the life is the

stream. As the fountain is, so the stream will be. It is not difficult to

live a Christian life when our hearts are pure. This is the secret of
br /> purity of life.

The important question, then, is, "How can I have a pure heart?" Hearts

are made pure by the blood of Jesus. Then comes the command, "Keep thyself

pure." That the heart may be kept pure, it must be kept filled with that

which is pure. To keep darkness out of a room, we need only to keep it

filled with light. Carefully closing up every crevice will not suffice if

the light goes out. Darkness will be present. But simply keep the room

filled with light, and no effort is required to keep darkness out. In like

manner no effort need be made to keep impurity out of the heart and keep

the heart filled with that which is pure.

But what is pure? "The word of God is pure, as silver tried in a furnace

of fire, purified seven times." "Thy word is very pure; therefore thy

servant loveth it." "Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly," and your

heart will be kept pure. The Psalm-writer said, "Thy word have I hid in my

heart, that I may not sin against thee." Here is the only way to a sinless

life. Keep the heart filled with the Word of God. It is the way to live as

the Bible reads. To have a nicely bound volume of the Scriptures lying on

the center table will not keep the life sinless. We must have the Word in

our heart. One night while I was waiting for a train in one of our large

Eastern cities, I went into a mission. A man arose and said he had read

the Bible through forty-two times and could quote whole books of it from

memory. Later in his talk he said he committed sin more or less every day.

The Word of God did not keep him from sinning, for he had it in his head

instead of in his heart.

To live a Bible life is the only true and right way to live, and in order

to live such a life, we need to have the Word written in the heart. "I

will put my laws into their mind, and write them in their hearts." Heb. 8:

10. Let us illustrate this by taking a single text: "Having food and

raiment let us be therewith content." When we have these words in the

heart, they will be true in the life. All fret and worry and murmurings

will be banished out of the life when the heart is full of the truth.