Life will never be successful unless we learn to let God care for us.

Unless we have faith to know that God is our keeper and that hence we have

nothing to fear, we shall never be the cheer and sunlight in this dark

world that God designed us to be. This is a world of trouble. Sin envelops

many souls in awful midnight gloom. Some may never find Jesus unless they

see him smiling in your face. You as God's dear child are to be a ligh

those poor, benighted souls. To be such a light, you must be full of

light, and to be full of light you must be full of hope by faith in the

cheering and encouraging promises of God. None can be truly happy, none

can be the cheer, comfort, and consolation to the world, who are bearing

their own burdens. Only those who have learned the sweet lesson of trust

in God and know that he cares for them are truly happy and free and

capable of cheering others.

He who this one short life would live

As heaven has designed

Must scatter rays of cheering light

From a heart with Hope enshrined.

There are many priceless promises in the Word of God. There is a promise

for every need, condition, and circumstance of life. Among these blessed

promises, here is one that has brought comfort to many a weary pilgrim on

life's way: "Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you." 1

Pet. 5:7. If this promise does not lift you far above all the trials,

discouragements, and weariness of life, it is because you do not believe

it nor understand the fulness of its meaning. "He careth for you."

It is not your neighbor or your friend, but it is you. Cares will come to

you, certainly; you could never cast your cares upon God if you had none.

But you have them and doubtless many of them. The difficulty with many is,

they do not cast them on God. Reader, your life will never be, it can not

be, that free, happy, radiant, sunlit, helpful life that pleases God, if

you bear your own cares.

There is nothing too trivial in life to take to God. In the very smallest

concerns of your daily life he has an interest. In everything let your

requests be known unto him. Do learn to take everything to him. Fret over

nothing, never worry for a moment. Let nothing disturb or disquiet you. I

say nothing. "He careth for you." Do you comprehend the full

meaning of these words? Think them over for a moment. Let go of yourself

and let God keep you. Oh, the freedom that belongs to the children of God!

Theirs is a sweet land of liberty. But alas! how many will go on bearing

their own burdens and weighted down with care with these words right

before them: "He careth for you"! Why not let him?

Care is a grace-destroyer. If you would be strong in the grace of God, you

must live free from care. It gnaws at the very vitals of the soul. A

strong cable made of many fine wires was stretched across the river and

was used to tow a heavy scow back and forth. One of the small strands was

broken. This was thought to be a small matter. Soon another was broken and

then another. Still this was not of much consequence. One by one more were

broken but unheeded because each was so small. Finally all were broken,

and the boat went adrift. A little care does not seem to be of much

consequence. But the Bible says to be "careful for nothing," and to

"cast all your care upon him."

Some have thought that the bearing of burdens and cares made us strong in

the Lord. No, it is the casting of them on Jesus that makes us strong. For

a man to be down under a heavy weight is no exercise to his muscles; but

to be up on his feet and passing heavy weights on to another, this is

exercise. To be down under burdens and cares is no exercise to the soul,

but is really death; the passing of the cares on to Jesus is the exercise

and the strength of the spiritual powers. If you only knew how much grace

a little care destroyed, you would quickly cast them on Jesus. Some have

come to find themselves entirely without grace because they did not cast

their cares on the Lord. We knew a sister whose baby was such a care that

she could not keep saved. One day when asked how she was getting along in

the Lord, she answered, "Not well; the baby is such a care and worry that

I can not keep the victory I should like to have." Was it not too bad to

lay such a blame upon a poor little innocent child? I was asked one time

if it was possible to reach an experience where we would never fret or

worry. Certainly we can. We shall never get to a place where we shall have

no temptations, but we can get to a place where we shall not yield to the

temptations. Your life has not reached that degree of perfection that it

should, until you have attained to such an experience. Jesus says, "Take

no thought for the morrow." When you are having any great anxieties about

future things, you are doing what Jesus tells you not to do, and you can

not do something he tells you not to do without suffering spiritual loss.

Oh! why will you worry about anything, when Jesus says, "Be anxious for

nothing." "But," you say, "when there is no meat in the larder and no

flour in the bin, can we then be not anxious?" There are those who have

been in just such circumstances and yet have not been greatly troubled.

If you will be over-anxious about anything, you can never live close to

God. When anxieties knock at the door of your heart for admittance and you

open the door and let them in, you are opening the door to a dangerous

band of robbers. They are robbers of grace and peace. When anxieties step

over the threshold of your heart's door, grace and peace fly out of the

window. "But what am I to do?" sighs a care-worn soul. Do just what a good

man says he did. He said that he opened his heart to Jesus, and he came in

and shut the door. Let Jesus keep the door of your heart. When anxieties

come and want into your heart, tell them they must get permission from

Jesus, because you have given your whole heart up to him. This is what is

meant by "casting your care upon him." It is not enough to kneel down and

ask Jesus to take them; you must cast them upon him. In this is the soul's

needed exercise. The soul that will do this shall be strong. You must put

the burden over on the Lord's shoulders and let him bear it. He will bear

all your burdens for you if you will lay them upon him.

Not only must you put them upon him, but you must let go entirely. You do

not even need to look after them to see what he does with them. Your

little child comes to you with a tangled cord. It gives it over into your

hands, but holds to one end. Now, you know that in order to get the tangle

out, you must have both ends. O weary one, Jesus will disentangle all the

cares of life, but you must let him have both ends. He does not want your

help. You hinder him if you attempt to help him. Cares will come; things

that are of a trying nature will assail us as long as we live; but we have

a refuge in Jesus; he will bear our burdens; he will care for us.