Since keeping the Word of God in the heart is the only way to successful

Christian living, you will at once want to know how to keep it in the

heart. The Word is kept in the heart the same as food is kept in the body.

The food is eaten, and then by the process of assimilation it becomes a

part of the body. This is something of a mystery; nevertheless we all know

it to be true. We feel weak in body, but soon after we partake of food

feel stronger. Somehow that food gets into the life and makes us stronger.

Now, "man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth

out of the mouth of God." We can eat the Word of God, and we must

eat it in order to get it into our heart and life. By eating and the

process of assimilation the Word becomes a part of our inner being. We eat

it by faith, and the Spirit assimilates it into our hearts.

Let us take a text: "In honor preferring one another." It is blessed to

have an experience like this. To feel happy when others are honored and we

are not is certainly a desirable experience. We can have it. As you read

the above text, love it, admire it, desire it, ask for it, believe you

receive it,--and you have it. It will be a truth of beauty and of power in

your soul and life. But remember, you must have an eagerness for it. You

must lay hold upon it as the infant does upon the mother's breast. The

same is true with every text in the Bible. Eat the entire book, and thus

you will have it as a glorious source of power and purity in your life.