Life is termed a walk in the Scriptures. Where they say that we ought to

walk as Jesus walked, they have reference to our manner of life. The way

in which a Christian walks is called the way of life. It is called the way

of life because it leads to a land of life--a place where death never

enters, where all is life, and life forevermore. The Christian walks in

the way that leads to that land of life. There is also a place of death,
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and the way there is called the way of death.

The way along which the Christian walks is a narrow way. "Strait is the

gate, and narrow is the way, that leadeth unto life." But we need have no

fear; for although it is narrow, it is not dark. "Thy word is a lamp unto

my feet, and a light unto my path." I would rather walk in a narrow way in

full light than in a broad way in the dark. The Word of God lights up the

Christian's pathway. How beautifully the electric lights light up the

walks in the city park! There is no danger of stumbling. The Bible is a

light along the way of life, and it lights the way beautifully. Not one

step need be taken in the dark. There is light for every step of the way.

Sometimes the Christian may think he has reached a dark place; but if he

will open his Bible, he will find a light to lighten that very spot.