We are commanded to love God. It is the first and greatest commandment.

Love is more than an emotion; it is an act of the will. A mother loves her

child constantly, though she may not always experience the emotions of

love. Her care for her child is a proof of her love. We may not always

experience a feeling of love toward God, but we can always love him. Our

love is measured, not by our emotions, but by our obedience--our service.
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We labor for those we love, and the love makes the labor light. It is not

an irksome thing to obey God when we love him.

It is possible to make a profession of love to God and not really love

him. It may be that many are deceived at this point. One scripture says,

"If any man love God, the same is known of him." Jesus says, "Why call ye

me Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?" Love is something more

than mere words. It is useless to make a profession of love to Jesus and

not do what he says. A husband can not convince his wife of his love by a

mere profession of love, but he can convince her by his acts. We are to

love, not in word and tongue only, but also in deed and in truth. Again,

Jesus says, "If a man love me, he will keep my words." Here is an

unfailing test of love. If you will not obey God, he knows you do not love

him, no matter how much you may profess to love him.

So again we are reminded by the Holy Bible that, in order to spend this

brief life of ours as we should, we must keep the commandments of God. No

other life will find acceptance with God. No other life will please him.

He desires your love most certainly, but he wants such love as will prompt

you to obey him. Do not measure your Christian experience by your

feelings, but measure it by your obedience as proceeding from an internal

principle. When you find something in your heart that causes you to obey

God no matter how you feel, you have good reason to hope that you are a


In subsequent chapters I will tell you something of what God's Word

teaches, but, first of all, I desire to fully convince you, and to help

you to feel, that the right and true way of life is in obedience to its