In doing anything, it is always well to have a model by which to fashion

our work. In fact, nothing is done without a pattern, either real or

imaginary. The little boy making a toy has in in his mind a model by which

he is framing his work. Likewise, the sculptor has in his mind a model,

and as the "marble wastes, the image grows" into the likeness of the

vision in his soul.

To live this one life of ours
s it should be lived, we must have a

perfect model after which to pattern. Thank God, this perfect model of

life can be found. Of all the vast number of lives that have been lived

since Adam down to this present day, there has been only one that we can

take as a model. This one is the life of Jesus. He says, "I am the life."

To live this life of ours well, to live it to the highest degree of

perfection, we must fashion it according to the glorious life of Christ.

The life of Jesus is the model life for every other human life. He invites

us, yea, commands us, to follow him, to step in his steps, to walk as he


There have been many good men in the world, but none of them afford us a

true pattern of life. There was a man who said, "Be ye followers of me,"

but he immediately added, "even as I also am of Christ." Man may so live

as to reveal to us the life of Christ. We can then follow, not them, but

the Christ-life they manifested through them.

Let me here say a word on a subject on which we may have more to say

hereafter. The grandest, noblest work man has ever done is by his life to

reveal the life of Christ to another, thereby helping that person to be

fashioned more after the image of Jesus. A little flower grew in a place

so shaded that no ray from the sun could fall directly upon it. A window

was so situated that at a certain time in the afternoon it refracted the

sun's rays and threw them upon the flower, thus giving it color and

beauty, and aiding it to bloom. Some people are living in the dense shade.

No light from Christ has ever shined upon them. If you so live as to

refract the life of Christ and turn it upon them and thus stamp upon them

a holier life, you have not lived in vain. To set the life of Christ in

its purity and beauty before some one and influence him, though only a

little, to live better and love Jesus more, is a work the worth of which

can never be computed. He who helps another to a better way of living does

more than he who gains great worldly honor and riches. Blessed indeed is

that life which causes some other life to be more like Christ. Oh, may

this thought seize upon our hearts and fill us with a greater passion to

live the life of God.

We are told by the voice of Scripture to be "followers of God as dear

children." When children are dear to the heart of the parent, he loves to

have them obey him. God's children are dear to him, and he would have them

follow him. To follow God is to imitate him, or be like him. This is the

true way of life.

A text of Scripture as rendered by the Revised Version is very appropriate

here: "Like as he which has called you is holy, be ye yourselves also holy

in all manner of living." 1 Pet. 1:15. Only those who live godly in their

entire manner of life are spending the days of their pilgrimage as they

should. Jesus has walked the true way of life; we are told to walk in his

steps. If we will step each day just where Jesus stepped, then on looking

back, we can not see a footprint of our own; but if we take a single

misstep, our footprint will show our departure from the true way of life.

How deep and awful are the words of Scripture wherein we are commanded to

walk even as "Jesus walked"! Jesus says, "I am the way." There is no other

right and perfect way. If we will walk as Jesus walked, then we shall walk

in the true path of life. This only is the pathway that leads up to the

golden gates of glory and the sweet fields of heaven. That bright world of

bliss encourages us on. If we will follow Jesus and live as he lived,

God's approval will be upon us, and his outstretched hand will help us

along life's way and finally over the turbulent river of death to the

sunlit shore of eternal rest.

Many times we may become wearied and think the toils of the way almost too

heavy; but when we remember that it is the way that Jesus trod, then the

heavens open to our view, we look forward to the mansion prepared for us,

and the toils of the way grow lighter.

See that aged pilgrim journeying down the western slope of life. The sun

is nearing the setting. Long and toilsome has been his pilgrimage, but he

has walked in the path his Savior trod. For many years his life has been

hid with Christ in God. In Him he has lived and moved and had his being.

Now he is making his last step on the shore of time; he passes out of our

sight through the gates into that land where toils are ended and the sun

never sets. But his life was the life of Jesus. He was holy as God is

holy; he walked as Jesus walked. This is how to live. This is the true way

of life and the only way to life eternal. He who does not live with Christ

on earth can not live with him in heaven, and he who does not live as

Jesus lived does not live as he should. The life of Christ was the perfect

life. Ours is perfect to the degree that we imitate him.

Take my life, O Christ divine,

Make it holy, just like thine;

Every act and thought and word

Be an outflow from my God.

Guide my feet and keep my heart;

Let me not from thee depart;

Let me breathe thy warming love,

That my soul be drawn above.

Draw me, Jesus, closer draw;

Thy strong arm around me throw;

Draw me to thy pierced side;

In thy bosom let me hide.

Teach me all thy will and word,

That my life be filled with God;

Teach me, Lamb of Calvary,

How to live this life for thee.