To adorn is to make attractive, to beautify. We are exhorted by the

apostle Paul to adorn the doctrine of the New Testament by our every-day

life. This thought should be a powerful incentive to close living with God

and assiduously keeping all of his commandments. Who would not take

pleasure in adorning the teachings of Jesus by a pure life? This is the

joy of the Christian's heart. He cares nothing for the adornings of the
r /> world, but oh, that he may so live as to make beautiful the blessed

Bible!--this is happiness enough to him.

In another of the Pauline Epistles we are commanded to "let our manner of

life be as it becometh the gospel of Christ." To become is also to make

attractive or to give a better appearance to. An article of dress is

becoming to us when it gives us a better appearance. We speak of any one's

bad conduct as not being becoming to him. We are to become the gospel of

Christ by holy living. When a life is lived as God designed that life

should be, that life will be an adornment to the Scriptures.

God will beautify his children with the glories of his redeeming grace; he

will adorn them with a meek and quiet spirit, which in his sight is very

precious, that they, in turn, may adorn his commandments. As a bride decks

herself with jewels, so the heavenly Father beautifies his children with

the robe of righteousness.

The life of a Christian is God's special treasure. "They shall be mine,"

says the Lord, "in that day when I make up my jewels," or "special

treasure" as rendered by the margin (see Mal. 3:17). By reading the

context we learn that it is those who fear the Lord that are his jewels.

To fear God and keep his commandments is man's whole duty. It is a perfect

life. Such a life is the Lord's jewel. Such a life is recorded in heaven.

Oh, how animating is such knowledge! How it strengthens our hearts to live

a righteous life. To live a life that is worthy to be recorded in heaven

and is a special treasure to God is truly wonderful. Our souls are awed by

such a thought. Oh, how it ought to move our hearts to carefulness in

life! How diligent we should be to walk as worthy citizens of our heavenly

state! Some day the Lord will come and gather up these holy lives and

place them in his heavenly courts above, where they shall shine as the

stars forever.

Oh, take this life, this life of mine

(To thee, O God, 'tis freely given),

And polish it, that it may shine,

And ornament thy Word divine.