A legacy is a gift that some one makes to another; usually something that

one leaves behind, when departing from this world, for others to enjoy.

Some have left great sums of money to others and to institutions, and

these bequests have been called valuable legacies. I am now to tell you of

the greatest and most valuable legacy that has ever been left to man. It

is a bequest left not to one man but to all men. It is not a legacy of<
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silver or gold or diamonds nor of houses and lands. Nor can this precious

gift be purchased with gold. It is something Jesus gives; and what he has

can not be purchased with any earthly thing. I will read you what it is:

"Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you." These are the words

that Jesus uttered just before his departure from the world, and this is

the legacy he leaves to man. Oh, what a gift! We can all possess it. We

need it as we are crossing the sea of life. Many storms arise and billows

roll high, but the soul possesses this valuable treasure of peace. There

is a stillness, a calmness, a peacefulness, in the soul that stormy winds

can never disturb.

This peace that Jesus gives, is given us through our obedience. "Oh, that

thou hadst hearkened to my commandments! then had thy peace been as a

river." What is more peaceful than the calm, even flowing of a river? As

we look upon it a quiet peacefulness begins to spread its mantle over our

hearts. Still waters are a beautiful emblem of peace, while troubled

waters are a picture of unrest.

This peace that Jesus gives is unlike anything that the world gives. This

world contains many pleasant things and makes many very liberal offers,

but peace is never found by accepting any of them. The pleasures of this

world leave a bitter taste, while the hardships we endure for Jesus

sweetens our cup.

Shall we analyze this peace, that we may know all about it, even the very

hidden secret of the principle? The apostle says, "The peace of God, which

passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds." Let

us be satisfied to have our hearts and minds kept by this wonderful peace,

though we do not understand it. I have some flowers on my desk. There are

white ones and yellow and purple and red and pale blue. I do not

understand the principle of life that gives them such beauty and

fragrance. If I should dissect them in order to discover this secret, I

should destroy their beauty and be no wiser. We can not understand this

peace, but we can possess it.

There is power in this peace to keep the heart and mind. "Let the peace of

God rule in your hearts." Give thy heart over to its calm, still power. It

will rule very quietly in your soul, but rule with kingly power. The

waters can not rise in trouble where peace holds sway. When this secret

power has dominion in our hearts, it speaks peace to all around. It says

to the waves and the winds, "Peace, be still." On the attacking fears, on

the threatening circumstances, it lays a quiet hand and whispers, "Peace,

be still," and great is the calmness of thy soul.