"There's a Spirit of Justice that Secures me in Which is My Own."

If we reach a consciousness of justice, we need have no doubts as to

our care in every particular while journeying between the two peaks of

eternity--from birth to the Great Divide.

There is nothing that can defeat justice; and the person who has a

consciousness of justice will attract to himself every conceivable

thing needed
for this life, because it will be the logical objective of

justice to supply to each individual that justice for which he thinks.

That is the reason why this affirmation is so complete in itself;

namely, "There is a spirit of JUSTICE that secures me in which is my

own, and this security is provided already for us by the Spirit of


It would be a psychological paradox to think that Justice could be

defeated. That could not be. Perhaps it appears to you that your own

has not yet been secured to you, but, remember that life is

fleeting--that a year is as a tale that is told--and that a decade is

but as "Ships that pass in the night"--when the years have vanished in

the distance.

If you have lived a life of justice, and it appears now that your own

is not coming to you, that someone else is having more of the good

things of life than you, and that someone seems to have used the art of

the man of injustice, be not deceived, God is not mocked, for

"whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap." If you have sowed

equity and justice in the days that are gone, be sure that the same

equity and justice will be secured to you.

The Scriptures tell us not to think too much of the man who is

nourishing like a green bay tree, for his efforts are soon cut off and

he vanisheth away.

One who is astride the scales of justice, and who thinks that he can

hold the balance, is gravely mistaken. He may have occupied his present

position for many years, first putting his weight on one side and then

on the other in an effort to keep his equilibrium. Perhaps today it

appears that the scales of justice are being well manipulated by his

insincerity, duplicity or trickery--but it is like the green bay tree.

It will soon pass away.

Justice is as eternal as God Himself, and there is no more possibility

of defeating it in the individual's life, in your own life, in the life

of a nation or in the history of mankind, than there is likelihood that

the sun can get away from its own rays. The justice of God is eternal,

or, in other words, God always is Justice, personified. Where God

rules, and where His laws and mandates have been given by His own fiat,

"man, neither flesh nor the devil" can defeat the ultimate outcome of

justice. Your own is secured to you.

Man himself is fashioned by the finger of Divinity. The crown of

justice is placed upon his brow and no ruthless hand of greed,

duplicity or evil dexterity can ever tear it away. It is there to stay,

and the man who has been thus crowned because he has lived in this

consciousness of justice--in the consciousness of God Himself--is bound

to have come back to him that which he has thought, that which he has

sowed--Justice. You are secured by this spirit of justice.

Perhaps already your life has had the law of compensation bring to you

more than to others of whom you may think, and who, because of their

bank account, get more out of life than you. A man may have a million

dollars, and yet not be as happy as the laborer living in a thatched

cottage. _Perhaps Justice has tipped the scales in your favor

already--and you have failed to recognize it. Perhaps you have

children, loved ones, family and fireside which bring more comfort to

you than the land owner gets who lives in his palace on the hill_.

Half of Life, or the joys of Life, depend upon our ability to recognize

and appreciate the blessings we already have. Therefore, in counting

your blessings, or discounting your blessings, be sure that you use a

moral standard, instead of a material standard, in gauging whether

justice has been meted out to you or not.

The Justice of the Eternal secures me, the Spirit of Justice secures me

in which is mine own. Believe it, think it, live it, claim it and

Justice shall be yours.

* * * * *

Question--In practicing the Silence, the mind seems to flutter all

about and there is great nervous tension. What is wrong?

Answer--Lack of concentration. This person ought to follow some

simple exercise of concentration, such as given below, until the mind

has control over the body. By practicing a few of the simple exercises

given below, fifteen minutes a day, and then taking the Silence a few

hours after these exercises have been practiced, the mind will begin to

be under control.

The nervous tension is caused because of this lack of control, and in

the effort to bring the scattering mind into one focus the reaction

comes upon the nervous system which, in turn, reacts upon the body.

Practice and exercises for lack of concentration follow.