"There is abundance in the world for me given by the bountiful hand of

Omnipotence. I gratefully claim and accept all the supply for my


The old idea of orthodox prayer was that of supplication and begging. I

have spent a whole night at a time begging for a few pennies and

supplicating for the salvation of others. What waste of energy. Each

time that we send up such a weak supplication as the attit
de of a

beggar, with the timid, frightful thoughts that only a beggar's mind

can have--this condition of mind, cross circuits the power to bring

into our lives the very things we most desire.

When the beggar extends his hand for a copper, he knows that not

everyone who passes is going to give him a coin. He, therefore,

solicits more or less mechanically, with a mind not positive or sure.

His hand is extended in timidity and weakness. Now and then he gets a

coin from a sympathetic passer-by. The same principle holds true for

the man who prays in the old orthodox fashion. He utters his petitions

with doubts and misgivings, with timidity and wonderings. Some of his

prayers are answered--just as the occasional coin is cast to the

beggar. But most of the orthodox prayers sent up in the fashion of

begging and supplicating are never answered. Of necessity, they cannot

be, because the concentration is filled with fear and trembling.

Only by positive and courageous thinking do we attract to ourselves the

answers to our prayers. When we are permeated with the spirit of doubt,

our petitions are cross-circuited.

Therefore, in making your affirmation this time, rest assured that the

abundant spirit of the Universal Supply has everything you need, and

has it now. You have only to put your mind in a condition to receive.

You do not have to beg the sun for its rays, nor God for His love. It

is there for the taking. Many of us keep the sunshine of abundance out

of our lives by pulling down the curtain of doubt--just as we may go

into a room, pull down a shade and keep out the sun. James Russell

Lowell, seventy-five years ago, told us the same story in "The Vision

of Sir Launfal," when he said that "Heaven is given away and God may be

had for the asking".

By gratefully accepting all of the supply for your needs, you are

running up the shade of positive faith and letting the sunlight of

abundance in.

Send out the desire for your supply to the Universal Mind and then

rest--feeling that it has been acquired. Of course, the stronger you

concentrate, without stress and strain (as outlined in "Practical

Psychology and Sex Life," by the author, under the chapter "How to get

what you want," and chapters on "Concentration"), and the more positive

and courageous your concentration, the stronger will be your mental

thought currents and consequently the quicker your demonstration.

_Omnipotence has provided for me and mine_, I raise the shade of my

faith and let in the Sunlight of Abundance. I know I do not have to beg

for this, for it is mine now. When first I saw the light of day, the

bountiful spirit of the Father made all preparations for my life's

necessities and pleasures. They have been in the world since I was

born. I now claim and accept my supply.

From now on the spirit goes before me--making easy and prosperous all

my ways--and I have abundance for every need. From the bountiful hand

of Omnipotence I have abundant health--I have abundant love--I have

abundant prosperity--I have abundant peace. My Father careth for the

grass of the field and the birds of the air--and He careth for me. I

realize it.

Think it and live it now.

Abundance for all my needs is mine, now and forever.

* * * * *