"Divine Harmony and Peace Actuate Every Thought and Action of My


I realize that all things are in Divine order for me and mine. There

can be no disturbance in the world without or the world within my being

but that is in perfect harmony with the Infinite.

The circumstances outside of my life are all for my good. My

environment where I am now and the conditions in which I am living, I
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make harmonize for me by my attitude of mind. I think only peace, I

breathe only love, I speak only harmony. My conditions and my

environment, although outwardly inharmonious to my likes and

tendencies, are changed by the alchemy of my thinking into a perfect

symphony of happiness for me now.

"Divine Harmony and Peace actuate every thought and action of my

being." This thought is energy, this thought is life, this thought is

power. The energy, life and power of this thought weaves all of my

diversified Life's experiences into a Divine pattern of perfection for

me. There can be no trouble, disappointments, sorrow, reverses, loss or

discord but that shall be changed for my good when I think Spirit and

live the affirmation of today, namely, "Divine Harmony and Peace

actuate every thought and action of my being." All things are in Divine


The Spirit of Divinity prompts my thinking. The Divine within me

actuates my actions. The God Powers within, this minute are working all

things together for my good. There can be no danger come nigh my

dwelling for my body is the temple of the living God. Therefore, the

God Spirit within me protects me from all harm, inspires me to high

ideals, lifts me to heights of righteousness and fills my soul with

love. Love for my circumstances, love for my present conditions, love

for my environment, love for every one in the world, love for all of

the creation of God.

Therefore I have no enemies, for I love all. I recognize no

misfortunes, for the love energy within turns all misfortunes and

sorrows into stepping stones for my greater advancement and

achievement. The God energy within transforms all inharmonious

conditions without into a perfect harmony within. The Kingdom of God

now reigns within me and I am at ease, at peace and at-one-ment with

all nature and God. The harmony therefore within me in nature and in

God gives me perfect peace within and perfect peace without. Divine

thought and energy, love and blessing actuate every action of my being.

Where Divine Love reigns there can be no trouble, no discord, no

inharmony, no lack, no limitation, no sorrow, no grief, no sickness, no

failure. The energy of Divine Love transforms all things into my Good.

The Love and Peace of the Father abideth within me and is manifested

without so that my life is one harmonious whole touching the lives of

all others who come in contact with me so that they, too, feel my

vibrations of at-one-ment with the Father and they in turn become

harmonious and complete in Spirit with man and God.

Divine Harmony and Peace actuate every thought and action of my being.

All things are in Divine order.

* * * * *