"God Made From One Blood All the Nations of the World."

As I enter the Silence this time, expecting to get health, success,

prosperity and happiness, I am going to have my mind filled with the

Spirit of Divine Unity. Unity among the nations of the world, unity in

abundance, unity in love, unity in prosperity, unity in health and

unity in spirit.

There can be no separation in Spirit. All is M
nd, all is God, all is

Universal Energy. I am part of the creative force. I am a part and

parcel of the Unity of Love, Nature and God. Therefore, where God is, I

recognize a completeness. And I, being a part of God, a part of this

spirit, a part of the power with Him, am, therefore, at one with God

and all thought.

I am therefore at one with God and all spirit. Nothing can separate me

from the love of God, but my own mental attitude. Nothing can separate

me from abundance, happiness, success, prosperity and love, but my own

wrong thinking. Love is dealt in the world in the spirit of God and,

therefore, recognizing this unity of love, I am a part of it and have

perfect love, success, prosperity, abundance and health.

The ocean is composed of water. If I take a bucket of water from the

ocean, it still is the water of the ocean. I may take this water to an

island in the sea. Though I have separated this water from the main

body of the ocean, it still is the water from the sea. But, as the

water is separated from the main body of the ocean, it loses its power,

its strength and many of its cardinal properties. I am the same as the

sea water when I, by wrong thinking:--whether it be jealousy, envy,

hatred, misunderstanding, worry or fear--separate myself from the

spirit of God. I am as one going upon an island of humanity. I am still

of that same spirit; but it has been separated, so that within me, it

has lost many of its cardinal virtues. These virtues are there, but I

do not recognize them. Separation has lessened my strength, my

vitality, my power, my health, my happiness, my prosperity and my joy.

Just as it is necessary for the bucket of water to remain in the ocean

in order to contain all of its original power and to retain all of its

original strength, to be intact, so is it necessary for man to keep in

the spirit of at-one-ment with the Father, that we may manifest daily

God's principle of Unity with God, man and nature.

When we have maintained that attitude of one-ness with the Father in

all respects, we are then recognizing and expecting, in this act, the

fullness of our spirit. This fullness of our spirit will, therefore,

give us health, prosperity and happiness.

When I have a mind that is filled with negative, discordant or

inharmonious thoughts, I am separating myself from the full expression

of the Divine within me. I am the bucket of water going stale on a

human island; but, when I make my spirit at one with the Father by

harmonious thinking, by love, kindness, good will, fellowship and

co-operation, I am not only maintaining all of my original properties,

but I am in correspondence with the Infinite Spirit so that I can

manifest and express His original spirit in every particular.

Where there is a unity of spirit, there is unity of all the good things

of life. Perhaps I am not drawing from the bank of life's experience

everything that I ought to have--because I have separated myself from

the spiritual board of directors in this bank of life, and am not

getting my dividends on time. My mental attitude is the cause;

therefore, as I enter the Silence this time, I am going to maintain the

faith and the love-spirit of my unity with all things. I maintain,

therefore, my at-one-ment with God, with man and nature. I maintain

that all of the original strength of spirit is mine. I hold that the

manifestations of this original spirit will produce everything in my

life for my ultimate good, because I am at one with the Father. All

things are mine.

The Silence, this day, finds me at one with all. The Silence, this day,

finds me at peace with God, Man and Nature. The Silence, this day,

finds me in at-one-ment with God and all, in unity with every

conceivable thing in the universe. Therefore, my unity, my at-one-ment

with the Father, my wholeness of spirit with God brings into my life

everything for my good.

All things work together for my good in my at-one-ment with Man, God

and Nature--in my unity with all.

* * * * *