Health Silence

Select one or more of the affirmations or formulas below to hold in

thought while in the Silence. You may change or vary these as you


Soul is health, spirit is health, God is health, I am

health. Since there is but one mind, there is but one

mentality. This mind and mentality is God; God is health. I

am health.

"I am whole, perfect, strong, power
ul, loving, harmonious

and happy and what I am myself I desire for everyone else."

"I am filled with the abundant, intelligent, ever-present life of

Spirit. It flows through me freely, cleansing, healing, purifying

and vitalizing every part. I am one with this life and in it I am

every whit whole."

"The all-powerful Christ Mind in me dissolves and dissipates

every adverse thought. My body is the pure and Holy Temple of

the Living God, and every organ and every function is now

in Divine Order and Harmony."

All the organs of my body are functioning normally and I am

well, whole and complete.

All is mind, all is God, all is universal energy. I am part

of creative force and I am health, abundance, joy and peace.

I am filled, I am thrilled with Life Eternal and I radiate

that life within to me and without to all.

Every experience of my life has been for my good and I am

happy in living.

God is Spirit. I (use your own name) am life. Life Spirit is

now flowing through me freely and I am well, whole and


"Be still and know that I am God."




You may practice the Silence sitting, reclining, or in bed.

There is no better way to learn how to relax than by going into the

Silence. Are you tense? Let go. Relax.

Then direct the mind to go from one part of the body to another. Take a

deep breath between each change of your consciousness. Be sure to use

the diaphragmatic or abdominal breathing--breathing through the

nostrils, mouth closed until the muscles of the abdomen expand.

The best time to hold the Silence is as you retire at night, and just

as you awaken in the morning.[2] But you should hold your thought at

least three times a day, without stress or strain, without doubt or

worry, passive in mind and body--perfectly relaxed.

Hold the Silence or thought upon retiring at night, awakening in the

morning, and at noon day. Of course, you may take any other time that

is convenient. You may concentrate on the roadway, street car, home or

office, but it is well, if possible, to have one room for your Silence.

Most people in that way will build up stronger vibrations. At noon now

there are all over the world thousands of others holding Silence so

that there is a great combined mental force working together at one

time for success, health, prosperity and happiness, and we therefore

get the benefit of this great vibration.

The more often you hold the Silence without stress or strain, as a

rule, the quicker may be the demonstration.

The real part of me is Spirit, not matter. I believe that this body of

mine is a Tabernacle for the Spirit. The real "I am" within me is

therefore Spirit. The real "me" is Spirit.

This Spirit is the God Spirit. This is what Jesus meant when in the

fourteenth chapter of John and again in the seventeenth chapter of the

same Gospel, speaking to His Disciples He referred to "I in you, you in

Me and We in God."

My Spirit is a part of the God Spirit. God is health, God is

perfection, God is abundance, God is harmonious. Therefore, the real "I

am" is God; the real "I am" is health, perfection, abundance and


When I am sick I know that it is the material of me that is sick, not

the God Spirit; it is my _physical_ being which is out of harmony, it

is this Tabernacle of which Paul speaks, housing my spirit, which gives

me pain and suffering. The real "me" is not sick, it is _my body_.

For centuries we have held to a wrong idea of life. We have thought

that life is material; but life is spiritual, it is the invisible

within me which is eternal, which is God. Many still believe that life

is material and matter, instead of mind and spirit. I no longer hold

that conception. I believe that all is mind and Spirit.

Just here is where the healing methods of drugs and the scientist's

explanation of life is so limited. Not until we recognize that life is

really a thing of spirit--not matter but mind--not material but

spiritual--do we come into an understanding of Truth.

Jesus said, "God is Spirit," and on different occasions told His

Disciples that this Spirit was within them as well as within Himself.

Therefore, this same Spirit is within me and this same Spirit is the

God Spirit of health, abundance, happiness, harmony and perfection.

God is all health, all abundance, all harmony, peace and perfection.

Therefore the God Spirit within me is the same. I am sick in body; not

in mind, not in Spirit.

Inasmuch as I cannot conceive of God being sick neither can I conceive

of my Spirit being sick. My spirit is health, perfection and harmony.

My body may not be well, but since mind is all, since this material is

subject to the spiritual, since matter is subject to mind, I believe

and affirm that my health does not depend upon matter but upon the God

Spirit within me. It depends not upon the material but the spiritual,

upon the God mind within.

Just as wood when made into a violin and properly tuned, will give

forth harmony, so my body, though made in the material, when properly

tuned by mind will give forth harmonious living, perfect health.

As the tree standing in the forest may be made into the violin music

box of harmony, so my body, the material in the forest of matter, may

be put in tune, become harmonious and be raised to perfection by the

Master Musician, God--His mind within me.

God is all health. No one could conceive of God as being sick. I can

visualize only the eternal spirit of the Infinite Father. Perfection

existing in everything and I being a child in Spirit, am well, whole

and complete in Spirit. My real "I am" is well.

Science now asserts that matter is composed of twelve octaves, just as

in music. My body is the composite of these twelve octaves. Science

also says that every cell atom, every electron in my body is


This spirit of mine is housed in the Tabernacle of the body which is

composed of millions and millions of cells, all of which having

intelligence respond in my body according to the way I think. Every

word I entertain, every thought I hold, influences everyone of the

millions of cells making up this Tabernacle.

My body is made whole and complete physically. That is, all the cells

of my body are made over new every eleven months. The body I have today

is not the body I had eleven months ago. I get a new body every eleven

months and my body is today what my thinking was yesterday, the day

before that and the months before that. My body in the future depends

upon my thinking in the future. I am what I think I am.

When I affirm that I am well, whole and complete; that I am perfect,

harmonious and strong, I am suggesting to every atom in my body

perfection and every atom in turn begins to make my body over, new in

health and and in perfection.

I may or I may not have to wait for the element of time to make over

every cell. That may be done spontaneously and instantly. There is no

limitation to the power of God so I shall not set a time limit for my

healing, knowing that all things are possible with the Father. I affirm

that now I have that which I desire. I know that now the Spirit of

divine health is surging through me, touching and reaching every atom

of my body and that now the God Spirit within me is perfect and that

Spirit makes my body perfect.

"Man is a Spiritual Being. Man expresses himself mentally and manifests

himself physically. The One Life animates all that exists. Harmony of

existence depends upon the polarities of the three aspects of life. The

mind is at ease when open to the inflow of the Spirit. It is discordant

when it follows sensory impressions. The body is healthy when

responsive to the direction of the spiritualized mind. It becomes

diseased when it accepts the physical as its guide. One achieves mental

ease and physical health through his mental polarity. If open to the

physical and closed to the spiritual, discord will prevail. If open to

the spiritual and closed to the physical, he lives the One Life, in

mental ease and physical health. I open my mind to the inflow of the

Spirit. I place my body under the control of my spiritualized mind. I

feel the One Life animate my mind and my body. I AM a Spiritual Being.

I AM Perfect Health!"

* * * * *