"The Universal Abundant Spirit Supplies All My Needs."

There is no want or limitation in the law. If, perchance, there should

appear to be lack of, or need of, abundance in our lives, it is because

of wrong thinking--not because there is a lack of abundance. Therefore,

we should enter the Silence with the profound faith and conviction that

the world is filled with plenty, and that all our needs are most

untifully supplied.

The mind should be saturated with the conviction that all life is

filled with abundance--all space is overflowing with abundance--all

living comes from an abundant source of supply.

In a Universe where this is true, there can be no want, no lack for you

or yours (for me or mine).

As you take your exercises this month, take the affirmation above. As

you walk on the street to your office, or place of business, continue

this thought. As you go about your daily duties in the home or

workshop, let the mind be saturated with a spirit, a feeling and

thinking of abundance--"The opulence of the Universal Source of Supply

now meets all my needs," "The Abundant Life Giving Spirit of Prosperity

now leads and guides me into the paths of plenty, peace and power," "My

mind is filled with prosperous thoughts, my being is pulsating in

abundant rhythm, my soul is uplifted and sustained by a thousand

thoughts of ever-present abundance, prosperity and opulence."

As these thoughts are maintained and repeated again and again, absorbed

and sunk deep into the subconscious mind, know that all of your needs

are this minute supplied. Know that you could not ask for anything from

the Universal Spirit--Father, God--without that Spirit being most

willing to supply, instantly, all your needs. The spirit and body are

well, but the flesh is weak. Allow your flesh to be stimulated, and

your body to respond by thoughts of abundance, prosperity and opulence.

"I am now rich in thought, rich in body and rich in spirit. I am now

part of the abundant ever-present spirit of prosperity and opulence.

All that I need is now mine, mine, mine."

The Universal Abundant Spirit supplies all my needs.

* * * * *