"I Am Unselfish in Action, Being and Motive."

The science of psychology as applied to everyday life is, strictly

speaking, a new science. It is a matter of thousands of people in the

world all of a sudden coming in contact with certain laws, which make

them successful, healthy and prosperous.

It is quite natural, because man is interested more in himself than in

any one else, that, when he f
nds these laws may be applied to give him

more abundance, the tendency may be to use these laws for selfish


Nothing could be more unpsychological. The laws should be used for the

individual, but should not stop there. Each individual who is profiting

by the operation of the laws, or understanding of psychology, ought not

only to get everything himself that psychology can give him, but he

should pass these on to others; he should tell others about it; he

should cry it from the housetops and megaphone it from the street

corners. He should not want to get everything himself, but wish the

same that he has to everyone else. By doing this, the law will rebound,

and, instead of having less, he will have still more than he would have

were he thinking about the laws for himself alone.

The human race is made up of a whole lot of selfishness, and the man,

or the woman, who hopes to get the most out of life and out of

psychology, must learn at the very beginning of his or her

understanding of the laws. Then, only, will the best come to those who

are absolutely unselfish.

If there is any selfish motive or selfish desire in your heart, you may

operate the law and get a certain amount of benefit, nay, you may even

become rich by it and have great power, but it should not end there.

Your riches are for the use of others, as well as for yourselves, and

the real psychologist, in getting his riches, will pass on to others

that which he has. The real psychologist, in getting more power, will

share it with others and will use it for the good of others, as well as

for his own personal aggrandizement.

Therefore hold the thought: "I am unselfish in action, being and


Many a person never will get the demonstrations he wants, because the

channel of abundance and prosperity, happiness and joy, is clogged up

with his own selfish attitude. The selfish person who does operate the

laws, does so by overbalancing his selfishness with some other great

virtue. But when he is extremely selfish, he may never have

demonstrations as he wants; he may not have enough other virtues to

outweigh his selfishness. He may live for years, and know what the laws

are, and yet lack this one little thing, _unselfishness_, in operating

the laws for his own abundance, prosperity or happiness.

If you are not having the demonstrations you want, it is because there

is a kink in the mind somewhere. The kink may be selfishness, or it may

be pride, haughtiness, duplicity, dishonesty, hatred, envy or jealousy.

This time we are going to hold the thought: "I am unselfish in action,

being and motive," and each time we go into the Silence, this unselfish

spirit shall be the guiding-star of our thoughts. It will be the

personal touch with the Infinite Spirit itself.

The beginning of life's happiness, as well as the end thereof, is the

spirit of unselfishness.

"I am unselfish in action, being and motive."

* * * * *