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War On Timidity
from Poise How to Attain It
One can not be too insistent in asserting how harmful the lack of poise can be, and when once this weakness has reached the stage of timidity it may produce the most tragic ...

Modesty And Effrontery Contrasted
from Poise How to Attain It
"Never force your talents" a well-known writer has said. One always feels like crying this to those who, thinking to reach the goal of poise, fall into excess and develop ef...

Physical Exercises To Acquire Poise
from Poise How to Attain It
Before preparing oneself by the exercise of reasoning and will-power for the acquisition of poise, it is vitally necessary to make oneself physically fit for the effort to b...

Four Series Of Physical Exercises
from Poise How to Attain It
FIRST SERIES--BREATHING The point of departure for the cultivation of poise, like that of everything else in fact, must be a well-ordered system of hygiene, far removed f...

Practical Exercises For Obtaining Poise
from Poise How to Attain It
COMPOSURE One of the essential conditions of acquiring poise is to familiarize oneself with the habit of composure. Timid people know nothing of its advantages. They ar...