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From: THE SILENCE What It Is How To Use It

"I Have Faith and Conviction in My Ultimate Success."

I believe the Scripture: "My ways are not your ways, saith the Lord;
neither are my thoughts your thoughts, for as the heavens are higher
than the earth, so are my thoughts higher than your thoughts."

I understand by this Scripture that the thoughts of the Infinite God
are far above the understanding of finite me; that God's ways are
higher than my ways. "God moves in a mysterious way His wonders to

I also have faith and conviction in my ultimate success because I am a
part of the Infinite Spirit, and in the Infinite Spirit, there can be
no failure. I am harmonious, complete and successful in Spirit--in God.

I may not see my success today, or I may feel as though I have
accomplished little, but I know that all my efforts and energies, in
the past, present and future, are working together for my good.

Therefore, I shall hold the thought that my success has already been
achieved. I am Success, I have success now and forever! Therefore, I
think only success; I talk only success; I believe only in success; I
am demonstrating success, and I know that success is mine.

The needed lessons I am having now, have had in the past, and may
require in the future, are but necessary stepping stones to my greater
success. The apparent delay of my greater success means that I am now
demonstrating more success than I could otherwise have. Dreams that I
have dreamed, visions that I have visualized, and the goal that I have
mapped out, are all a part of my ultimate greater success. I have that
now! I am successful now!

As Moses went into the land of Midian, and spent forty years of his
life as a shepherd in the wilderness--(apparently with no future before
him--which, however, was the great schooling necessary for his greater
triumphant success in the future)--so I may be, in _my_ land of Midian,
apparently, only a sheep herder, but in reality getting the necessary
training for my greater and ultimate success.

Therefore, I now rejoice in every experience I have--giving thanks for
every apparent set back, and for every "seeming" blocking of my
purposes and aspirations.

I believe that my past experiences, as well as present happenings, are
for my benefit, and that I could not have been the great success I am,
and shall be, had not the discouragements of yesterday, the
perplexities of today and the drawbacks of tomorrow come into my life.
I realize that I need to go into the land of Midian; that it is as
necessary for me, as it was for Moses, to spend a few years in the
wilderness of Life's experience. I am happy to know that I am in such
company as that of the Great Leader of his people, and rejoice in the
thought that the Lord has called me to spend my time in the land of
Midian, getting the necessary training for the greater things the Lord
has in store for me.

There is no place in the world where clouds do not gather, and storms
do not rage; but when the storms abate, and the skies clear, then do we
appreciate more fully the glories and beauties of God, the Universe and
its natural laws, and Infinite Love.

However, I know by experience in the land of Midian, where clouds hover
low, and where storms try the soul and body, that the dawn of a new day
shall make life all the sweeter for me and mine.

Moses could not have enjoyed leading his people into the promised land,
had he not been in the land of Midian. If he had stayed forever in the
Court of Pharaoh, with its attendant luxuries, life would have taken on
a dull, monotonous hue, and his experience would have seemed drab,
wearisome and pale.

I am glad for the privilege accorded me to be in the land of Midian for
a short time! I know that, as did Moses, I shall enjoy my promised land
all the more when my greater success shall have been well worked out by
the hand of Divinity.

Faith and conviction in my ultimate greater success is stronger today
than ever! I hold such a strong thought, and such a deep and courageous
faith in the workings of God's plan, that I know I now have that which
has been intended for me, and nothing can take from me that which the
Lord hath prepared for my success, health and happiness. I know, too,
that I shall learn daily to enjoy, appreciate, and make better use of
the success I now possess; that I shall unfold day by day into greater
opportunities for more influence, power, friendship, charity, love,
comradeship and service. I know that my present success is but a part
of the greater success which the Lord has waiting for me--"just around
the corner".

Therefore, I shall offer up prayers of thanksgiving and gratitude; I
shall work harder, being more particular in the preparation for my
greater work, than I have been in the past--never doubting but that
every moment spent in this greater preparation will bring added
interests, and a greater success in the future.

Even as Moses did not doubt the wisdom of the Lord for a greater future
(when in the land of Midian for forty years), so shall I not doubt His
ways today.

I claim, with a joyful heart and an attitude of thanksgiving, that my
life could not have been as great in the future had I been denied my
present experience. I know that greater things are in store for me,
because God's thoughts are greater than my thoughts; because He is
giving me that training now, in my land of Midian, which I most need. I
trust the guiding Spirit of Infinite Love to lead me, at the right
time, into my life's Promised Land.

The success today, in my land of Midian, is attracting unto me the
greater influence and power in my Court of Pharaoh, and in my
leadership, as I lead others into that promised land which the Lord has
prepared for me and mine.

I smile--I sing--I rejoice, and offer thanksgiving and gratitude for my
success now and forever. Surely I believe more and more: "My thoughts
are not your thoughts, neither are my ways your ways, saith the Lord,"
and all things are now working together for my good.

Therefore, I have faith and conviction in my ultimate success--in my
greater success--in my greatest success!

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