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From: How to Live a Holy Life

There is a heaven. There is a place of rest and happiness. I have not gone
to heaven, but heaven has come to me; therefore I know there is a heaven.
Many who have eaten oranges have never been in a land where oranges grow,
but these persons know there must be such a land, because they have tasted
its fruit. Likewise, I know there is a heaven because I daily taste its

Not only is there a heaven, but there is a way to heaven. All can go who
will. Heaven is a holy place, and the way to heaven is a holy way. A
prophet of God said, "An highway shall be there, and a way, and it shall
be called the way of holiness." The Christian dwells in a heavenly place.

The writer to the saints at Ephesus says, "He hath raised us up together,
and made us sit together in heavenly places." To live in a heavenly place,
we must live a heavenly life. Those who do not live a heavenly life on
earth will never live in heaven. The heavenly life is the only life worth
living. It is the only life that ends in heaven. The way of holiness is
the way of happiness. Holy and happy is the true and right life of man.
This one brief life of ours should be constant holiness and happiness.
Without these, life is not as it should be. It is our privilege in Christ
to walk the path of life in perfect peace and joy and in perfect holiness.
Such a life will flow out into an eternity of joys unspeakable.

Wait thou on God, O soul of mine!
Listen to know his will;
Light will come from the golden throne
If thou, O soul, be still.

If thou wouldst sail on tranquil sea,
Wait thou on God, my soul.
Speak, act, and think alone in him;
Sweet rest shall be thy goal.

If thou wouldst have life's way to be
Verdant as the growing sod,
Take each step 'neath the guiding eye,
Keep in close touch with God.

Sweet heavenly life! sweet happy life!
Thy joys increase each day.
O soul of mine, press up and on
This high and holy way.


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