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From: How to Live a Holy Life

The life we live is being read. We are not going through the world
unnoticed. Some one is looking on, and some one is to some extent
fashioning his life after ours. Our life each day is being written down in
some one's memory. My own dear children group around me at times and talk
of their mother, who has gone to heaven. Her pure and holy life written in
their memory is read over and over to each other and to me. She still
lives as an epistle in their hearts. They read her daily life while she
was with them, and they continue to read it since she is gone. Christians
are said to be the epistle of Christ (2 Cor. 3:3). To read their life is
to read the life of Jesus. All the Bible that many will ever read is what
they read in the lives of Christians.

Life will be read just as it is, not as it may pretend to be. It is not
what we pretend to be, but what we really are, that will go down in the
memory of others. Those who read our lives have a way of reading between
the lines. We should strive not so much to make life holy as to be holy.
If you are holy, then live just what you are. We should never strive to be
what we are not. The only way whereby the Bible may be read in the life is
to get it in the heart. People will never read the Word of God in your
life simply because you have a neat little Testament in your pocket or a
large family Bible on your center table. The Bible can get into the life
only by beginning at the heart. There is power in the Word of God, but it
works from within. "Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly." It will
transform the life so that the life will read just like the Holy

The Word of God is a lamp to light us into a holy life. If we follow its
instructions in righteousness, it will make us perfect. It reveals our
imperfections and thus gives us an opportunity to make improvements. To
discover an imperfection in the life is not a bad thing, and we need not
think we are any the worse for the discovery. It is only when we let the
imperfection remain after it is revealed to us, that we become worse.

The heart that comes under the influence of the Bible will bear the image
of Jesus, but of this I shall have more to say elsewhere. So I conclude
here by saying, live upon the Word of God, desire the sincere milk of the
Word, and you will be an epistle of Christ. We should feel the
responsibility that is upon us, remembering that all the Bible some will
ever read is what they read in your life and mine. Oh! let us see that it
reads in our life as it does in the book, lest those who follow us will
not walk in the footprints of Jesus.



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