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From: How to Live a Holy Life

If the Bible had not been given us, we should not always know the way that
Jesus walked. But he has given us his Word. The way of the Bible is the
way of Christ, and is therefore the true path of life. O pilgrim to the
heavenly kingdom, the Word of God will be a lamp unto thy feet and a light
unto thy way. It will lighten you home. There will never be a day so dark
but the beams of light from the blessed Bible will pierce through the
darkness and fall with a bright radiance upon your pathway. If sometimes
you can not see just where Jesus stepped, take the precious Book of God,
and it will be a lamp to show you the way he trod. One wintry morning a
father went a long distance through the deep snow to feed his sheep. A few
hours later a little boy was sent to call his father home. The child was
carefully stepping in the footprints before him, but soon a dark cloud
arose and the blinding snow-storm so dimmed his eye that he frequently
stepped aside. In the beautiful, clear light of the Bible we can see all
the way that Jesus trod. If we will walk according to the Bible, we shall
walk as Jesus walked and not show a double track. Make the blessed Word of
God your guide if you would walk aright the path of life and be happy.

"And often for your comfort you will read the Guide
and Chart:
It has wisdom for the mind and sweet solace for the
It will serve you as a mentor; it will guide you sure
and straight
All the time that you will journey, be the ending soon
or late."

'The Scriptures are given by inspiration of God and are profitable for
doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness,
that the man of God may be perfect' 2 Tim. 3:16. If by faith we receive
into our hearts the instruction in righteousness as given by the
Scriptures, it will make us perfect in this life. O reader, if you would
know how to live, study the Bible. It points out the way clearly and
plainly. Let its truths in all their power reach to the depth of thy
heart. Let thy soul seize upon the Bible and drink its strength and
sweetness as the bee sips the sweetness from the flower. As the animal
eats the plant and by assimilation converts it into animal life, so eat
the Book of God and convert it into human life. It is the food of angels.
But rather than its being the Bible converted into human life, it is human
life transformed into the purity of the Bible. There are great depths to
the Bible. The simplest text contains depths to which we can ever be

They who would live a perfect life must set the life of Christ before them
as portrayed by the Holy Scriptures. You can not see much of this perfect
life by a passing glance. It is he who looks into the perfect law of
liberty and continues to look that will see the perfect life which it
pictures. The artist must look long at the landscape and get it imaged
upon his soul before he can produce it upon the canvas. The Bible
description of the life of Christ must fill your soul with admiration and
with a strong desire to possess it. Your heart must lay hold upon it until
that life is focused and printed upon your own soul. It is like the art of
photographing. The object must be set before the heart.

The Bible is the light that shines the image of Christ upon the soul. For
the pure in heart to develop into higher spiritual life, they must gain
such an admiration for the beauty of Christ that they will long to possess
him in greater fulness. The pleading of the heart will be, "Lord, let thy
beauty be upon us." Their souls will follow hard after his perfections. In
no other way will the soul unfold and develop into the higher Christian
life. He who has not learned how to grow in grace has not yet learned how
to live. To live life in the best possible manner is to be making constant
progress. Oh, let us give this world our best life! When we are nearing
the end of the way and life's sun is sinking low, if on looking back we
can see nothing but a life spent in the service of God, walking in the
light of his Word, this will afford us untold satisfaction.

O blessed Word of eternal life,
The lamp to guide the way
Through this weary world of sin and strife
To heaven's perfect day!



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