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From: How to Live a Holy Life

If the reading of this little book encourages any on their pilgrim way; if
it arouses them to greater diligence; if it creates in them a stronger
desire to live more like Christ; if it gives them a better understanding
of how to live,--this poor servant of the Lord will be fully rewarded for
all his labor.

Even among the children of God in this beautiful gospel light of the
evening there is an inclination, on the part of a few at least, and maybe
more than a few, to slow down and not be their very best and most active
for God. We hope that this little book will arouse such ones to greater
zeal and earnestness. Diligence, yea, constant application, is the secret
of success in all manner of life and especially in the Christian life.

This volume is written for all those who desire to please God with a well
-spent life. It is sent forth in Jesus' name, with a prayer--that God bless
and help both the reader and the writer to live life at its very best and
fulfil the purpose of God concerning them.

Your humble servant in Christian love,

The Author.



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