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From: How to Live a Holy Life

A work of this nature would be inexcusable for not saying something about
prayer, for who can live life triumphantly without prayer? Who can
properly estimate the true worth of prayer or rightly appreciate the
privilege of prayer? Man esteems it a great honor to be admitted into the
courts of the lords and kings of earth. What an honor it is to have
audience with the King of glory! He extends the golden scepter to us, and
we come hopefully, confidingly into his presence to tell him all that is
in our hearts. He loves us so. We should not dare to come into the awful
presence of the Great King did we not know that he loves us with an
everlasting love. When we understand his love toward us, we tell him with
joy and eagerness every desire of the heart.

Prayer is the energy and life of the soul. It is the invincible armor
which shields the devoted Christian from the poisoned missiles shot forth
from the batteries of hell. It is the mighty weapon with which he fights
life's battles unto victory. He who lives in prayer reigns triumphant. The
dark storm-clouds are driven away, mountains of discouragement are cast
into the sea, chasms of difficulties are bridged, hope is given wings,
faith increases, and joys abound. Hell may rage and threaten; but he who
is frequent and fervent in prayer experiences no alarm.

By prayer the windows of heaven are opened, and showers of refreshing dew
are rained upon the soul. It is as a watered garden, a fertile spot where
blooms the unfading rose of Sharon and the lily-of-the-valley; where
spread the undecaying, unwithering branches of the tree of life. By prayer
the soul is nourished and strengthened by the divine life. Do you long for
a brighter hope and deeper joy, for a deeper sense of the divine fulness,
for a sweeter, closer walk with God? then live in prayer. Do you love to
feel the holy flame of love burning in all its intensity in your soul?
then enkindle it often at the golden altar of prayer. Without prayer the
soul will weaken, famish, and die, the fountain of love dry up and become
as a thirsty and parched desert. Do you admire the character Jesus? Behold
his lowliness and humility, his gentleness and tender compassion. Have
they any beauty and do you desire them to grace your soul? then draw them
down from the skies in all their glorious fulness by the fervent prayer of
faith. As through the process of assimilation food is transformed into an
active, living being, so through the medium of prayer the character Jesus,
in all its transcendent beauty and glory, becomes the character of man.

If you desire victory during the day, begin it with prayer--not a few
hurried words, not a few ejaculations, but minutes of deep, intimate
communion with God. Linger at the altar of prayer until you feel particles
of glory drop in richness into your soul, scattering sweetness throughout.
In the early morning hours, when the still, balmy breath of nature plays
around you, let your soul fly away on the wings of prayer with its message
of love and praise to its Maker.

"Sweet morning is the time to pray:
How lovely and how sweet
To send our early thoughts away
Up to the mercy-seat!"

If you desire to be more deeply and sincerely pious, pray. If you desire
heights in his love, depths in his grace, fulness in his joy, and richness
in his glory, pray, pray with all sincerity of heart and intensity of
soul. Did you say you had no time for prayer? What a pity! Your happiness
and success in life depend upon prayer. Your eternal enjoyment depends
upon it. Then, oh, what a pity that you have no time for prayer! Satan
will tell you there is no need of so much praying. He will give you
indifferent feelings if he can, and tell you that you can get along well
enough without it. He will do all he possibly can to prevent your praying.
If there is not much benefit derived from prayer, why is he so concerned?
The Bible commands are: "Watch and pray," "Pray always," "Be instant in
prayer," "Pray without ceasing," etc. Beloved saints, I exhort you to a
life of prayer. I beseech you in Jesus' name to go often into your closets
and there in all earnestness of soul pray until the love of God and light
of heaven fill your beings. Pray until a rapture from the skies sweeps
over your soul, making the place of prayer the dearest spot on earth to



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