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From: How to Live a Holy Life

Live by faith. There is no other true and right way to live. Without faith
it is impossible to please God, and of course the life that pleases God is
the only life that is perfect. We can please God; we can walk each day in
a way that is pleasing to him. Such a walk is by faith, not by sight. God
honors faith. He loves to have his Word believed. He delights to hear the
prayer of faith; it avails with him.

Around the great white throne in heaven the angels are shouting day and
night, "Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty! blessing and glory and wisdom
and thanksgiving, honor and power, belong to thee." But amid all this
sound of praise God hears a voice and bends an ear to listen. It is the
prayer of faith from the heart of one of his children. There is never too
many angels singing nor too many harps resounding for God to hear the
voice of his child. "My voice," said the sweet singer of Israel, "shalt
thou hear in the morning." He hears the first faint cry of his heaven-born
child. Even the unuttered wish of the heart, the unexpressed desire, the
faintest breathing of love, he hears and recognizes as the voice of his
child. Faith will wing its way into the presence of God. It traverses the
universe until it finds him and there brings the soul to its rest. Faith
will guide us through this world.

Faith touches God. A woman came to Jesus and tremblingly reached out her
feeble hand and touched the hem of his garment. He asked, "Who touched
me?" It was not the finger-touch that he felt, but the faith-touch. Today
we can touch him by faith and by no other way. Though many angels may be
thronging him, yet the feeblest touch of faith will reach him. You may be
one of the weakest ones, unnoticed and unknown. A little cabin on the
mountainside may be your home, but your feeblest cry of faith will reach
the throne of God, and he will send angels to encamp round about you and
deliver you. Have faith in God. When all is dark around you,
believe in him. Trust him when you can not trace, and believe when you can
not see. Never doubt his Word. Faith will prevail and bring you the desire
of your heart. Will you believe?



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