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From: How to Live a Holy Life

In order to do God's will we must first know his will. In order to have
real satisfaction, rest, and contentment in the Christian life--and there
is no true rest outside the Christian life--we must have the full
assurance that we are doing the will of God. The soul that loves God can
not be satisfied with anything less than this. As long as there is a
doubt, there can not be perfect contentment. We must have a perfect
knowledge of God's will concerning us, or else we shall not fully know we
are doing his will.

Many are saying, "I would gladly do God's will if I only knew what was his
will." Such ones have not reached that nearness to God that they should.
There should always be a clear and definite understanding between God and
his children. "My sheep," Jesus says, "hear my voice"; and we know that
God hears the voice of his children. We can talk to God and God to us;
consequently, there can be understanding between us. You can live close
enough to God to know his will--not merely to suppose his will or take it
for granted, but to know it because he told you. A man's employees may
suppose they are doing what he wants them to do, but this does not give
them full assurance. It is only when they have been in his presence and
heard him express his will that they know they are doing it. You can know
God's will. You need not spend one day without knowing you are in his

The Scripture says, "Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what
the will of the Lord is." Eph. 5: 17. In the verses preceding this one we
are told to walk circumspectly and to redeem the time. We need to know
God's will that we may use every opportunity to the greatest advantage. To
pass along day after day without a definite knowledge of being in the will
of God or without taking much thought about it or earnestly seeking to
know it, is living on entirely too low a spiritual plane. God wants you to
come up higher--high enough and close enough to know his will. Has not God
purchased you? You are his servant, his bondslave. You are to do
everything you do for him. He who has men in his employ expects them to do
his will. They do not go out a single day ignorant of his will. They do
not always wait to be told what to do, but they make inquiry. With many
there may not be enough earnest seeking after God to know his will.

In order to know God's will there must be a perfect consecration to God.
The soul must lay down her own will and present herself before God as much
as to say, "I give up my way and will forever to be thine and thine alone;
to love thee and serve thee; to do thy whole will now and forever." There
must be humility before God; a deep inner consciousness of your
nothingness and your inability to accomplish anything in life of yourself.
"The meek he will guide in judgment." We must be meek and humble before
the Lord and confess that we are dependent on him and that life will be an
utter failure unless he wills and guides and plans and works in us and
with us and for us.

There must be great love to God and an earnest desire to know his will.
Without strong desire to know God's will you can never learn it. It is
those who desire that obtain answers to their prayers; and that desire
must be really great. You must seek to know. Where there is great desire,
there will be earnest seeking; but there will not be earnest seeking
without the fervent desire. The desire must be so intense that you feel as
if you must know. You must feel that you can not get along in life without
knowing God's will. You can not be of any service to him without having
knowledge of his will. You must also have faith. When you ask God to teach
you his will, you must believe he will do it, and he will do it. When he
begins to unfold his will, you must move in his order without doubting or
questioning. He will guide you and direct your every step, and you can
know that you are doing the very thing God wants you to do. Bless his
name! Such a life is heaven here.



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