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From: How to Live a Holy Life

What a beautiful lesson Jesus has taught us of rest and quietness from the
lilies! "Consider the lilies of the field," he says, "how they grow: they
toil not, neither do they spin." He is trying to teach us how free we can
be--free from all earthly cares and anxieties. The lily does not struggle;
it has no anxieties about its future; but it grows. It grows to be
beautiful. Even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of them.
God paints the flower with greater beauty than the robes of kings. If you
would be beautiful, you must rest in the Lord. Just a little struggling,
and you will mar the whole. Christ wants to reveal himself through you. He
will shine the beauty of his own glorious person into your soul if you
will but be quiet. Have no anxieties about the things that pertain to this
life, and Jesus will clothe you with the beauties of heaven. Character, as
the years pass on, is revealed on the face. The miser's face shows the
miserly condition of his heart. Jesus will stamp his own image upon the
soul if the soul is kept in quietness, and this image will stand out in
beauty on the face and outward life.

By this lesson of the lilies Jesus did not mean to teach that we should
not pray. He once said, "Men ought always to pray." We must pray much. If
we do not pray, Satan will have us toiling and spinning. Keeping close to
Jesus with a strong faith and a firm trust is the only way to rest, and we
can not do this without much prayer. "Cease thy toiling and care." Learn a
lesson from the lilies. Rest in the Lord, and he will make you an object
of Christian beauty that will bless the world. Even after you are long
gone, that restful, patient life will cast its rays of light and beauty
back and chase away the shadows from the life of others.

The day has gone, the twilight fades,
There's stillness everywhere;
I seek some place of solitude,
And humbly bow in prayer.

I tell the story of the day--
The joy, the grief, the care;
I keep not back one secret thing,
But tell it all in prayer.

O heart of mine, be light and free,
Not lightest burden bear,
In everything let thy requests
Be told to God in prayer.

Yes, all; I tell it all to Christ
In evening twilight dim:
Somehow my heart much lighter grows
Since all is told to him.

I lay my life at his dear feet--
O Jesus, I am thine!
I'll walk the way of life with thee;
Thy will, O Christ, is mine.

And now I lay me down to sleep
While gathering shadows fall,
And sweet indeed my rest shall be,
Since Jesus knows it all.



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