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From: How to Live a Holy Life

This life of ours will never be all that it should be unless we are much
alone with God. Only those who are oft alone with him know the benefit
that is derived therefrom. You can not be like God unless you are much
with him, and you can not live like him unless you are like him. The
Scriptures tell us that Jesus departed into the mountain to be alone with
the Father and that he was often "alone praying." When Jesus had anything
of great importance to say to his disciples, he always took them aside
from the multitude. When he was transfigured, he took three of his
disciples into a mountain apart from all the world. When he was one time
alone praying with his disciples, he asked them who he was. Peter
answered, "The Christ of God" (Luke 9:18). It was only when he was alone
with them and after prayer that he could bring them into such nearness to
him that they might know in their hearts that he was the Son of God. When
amid the active duties of life and when in contact with the world, we can
scarcely come into that sacred nearness to God that will enable us to feel
in our hearts all that God is. We may get slight glimpses of his glory, we
may occasionally get a dim view of some of his beauty, we may feel a
little warming of his love in our bosoms; but only when alone with him are
we awed into wonder at the sight of his glory and great beauty. It is only
then that we see him in his purity and feel the warm sunshine of his love.
It is only then that our hearts can be deeply impressed with the knowledge
that he is God, and in childlikeness we can look up to him and call him


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