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From: How to Live a Holy Life

Let us take a look at Jesus. Let us pray that the Holy Spirit may unveil
him and present him to us clearly. Now we see him. We see him as our all
and as in all. Can you see him thus? Is he everything to you? and is he in
everything that comes to you?

Let us take a view of Jesus through two texts of Scripture. First, "And
hath put all things under his feet." Eph. 1:22. We see him as our
protector. Christ has conquered all, and God has put all things under his
Son's feet. In all the world there is no evil thing that can harm the
child of God. Jesus cares for his children. How safe we feel! He is our
refuge, our strong tower, our buckler, and our shield. Discouragements,
doubts, fears, disease, Satan, and all that would antagonize us are under
his feet and so can never do us harm.

Second, "The Father loveth the Son, and hath given all things into his
hand." Every good thing is in the hand of Jesus. He stands ready to give
them to his children. There is not a need you can ever have but Jesus has
in his hand something with which to supply that need. His loving hand is
extended to you. It contains something that will meet all your needs in
life. Praise the Lord!

Nothing can harm us, for every harmful and harming thing is beneath the
feet of our Lord. So we need not fear. We can never fail to have all our
needs supplied, for Jesus stands with outstretched hand to give just what
we need just when we need it. Do you see Jesus as such? Open your eyes
wide, look and live, and be happy and free.



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